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Chapter 1, Day 2

Congrats to me, I have survived my first day at work! lol

I must admit - at the beginning I was nervous. But as soon as I was in room, saw the kids and some kids I still knew from the crèche I was fine. And I can't believe how much they have grown.

First I met Alex (I still knew her from the years ago and she recognized me too lol) and I really like her. She's a very nice helper. We talked a little, about the new kids, the start, how it was and so on. Then I asked her for Anna, my "main" colleague in the group. I still know her from school, she graduated one year before me so quite nice to work with her now!

Most of the kids already knew that I would be coming but anyway, I explained to them who I am and what I'll do with them and I guess they really like me. Near 9:45 we went to the garden with the kiddies and well, I found out they even have some kind of "pet" in the garden lol!!! A rabbit called Olli. Amazing.

Well, my lunch break was not really exciting, I was in the kitchen and eating, while Maria (the cook) was cooking and Anke, the helper of my former crèche group, tried desperately to calm a cute little boy who was screaming for his mum. Fortunately she arrived some minutes later! Then I ate lunch with my boss and went back to kindergarten where the children had to take a break which means they were lying on the floor on little mattresses and listening to a CD.

After that I was in Lisa's group for 45 minutes where I also met absolutely cute, awesome and funny kids. I already love them.

In the afternoon I went downstairs to the crèche but - just 5 kids left, like almost all the time in afternoon so it was easy. I changed some nappies before preparing the cuties for garden and well, went outside again for an hour before I went back home again.

All in all: great first day and I can't wait to go there again tomorrow

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