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Chapter 1, Day 3

Hello to the third day of my new life! lol

Today was an awesome day. It started at 7:25 when my mum woke me up. Then I got up, had breakfast etc. etc. and then took the bus tot he city. 5 minutes later I was sitting in the park and waiting fort he time to pass lol.

At 9:00 I entered the group room. I was at Lisa’s group today. Two boys I still knew from the crèche came to me instantly and wanted to play something with me loll they are so cute. During a game they started to discuss and there is nothing more funny than two 3-year-olds discussing! („Hey, you have move that 3 spaces“ –  „I did“ – „No, you did like that“ (showing 4 fingers) – „Noooo, I did like THAT“ (showing three fingers))

Anyway, near 10:30 we went outside to the garden. I played with a little girl… she is an angel. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile to melt you down, no matter how bad your mood is! When she smiles the sun is shining!

After that we went upstairs again and served them lunch

In the afternoon I was in the crèche again. An well, it’s just the third day so there was a little girl after the nap who was crying soooo badly. I changed her nappies and watched a book with her, she was crying the whole time. But after a while she put her head against my shoulder and started to cuddle with me . She played with my hair and calmed down and when her mum finally came the girl even kissed my cheek. So I suppose she loves me. And I love her, too lol

Well, anyway… we also had the first team meeting this noon and it was really cool.

So all in all: Another great day and I just can say I’m definitely in love with my job! Since 9 years now. So probably that’s really what I was born for!

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