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Chapter 1, Day 6

Hello again! (Ich sag einfach) hello agaaaain ♪ lol

I just thought I should put an entry here again.

My first two weeks in my new job were greaaaaat and I think I documented the first one quite well. The second one wasn't really different despite the fact that the kids are more relaxed now.

Well, today is monday - my 3rd free day since I'm working and I have to admit I really like that! But it seems like an eternity since I was in kindergarten although it were just 3 days.

I caught a little cold like 3 or 4 of my colleagues and last week on friday a child was at home cause guess? Ill!

Let's see how many it will be this week.

I'll go to a field with mum now to pick apples and raspberries. More news on facebook ;P

20.9.10 13:15


Chapter 1, Day 5

I haven't told about Friday but it was a great day, too although the kids were a little exhausting but it doesn't matter. I love them.

My life has just begun! Today today today my REAL new life has begun!

13.9.10 16:30

Chapter 1, Day 4

Another great day!

Today I was with the toddlers... well yeah... nothing much to tell. They cried, they laughed... lol...

And they are just cute!

I'll go to a restaurant with mum soon so I don't have so much time to write everything down but there's nothing much to tell either.

I've been in this crèche for two years so... yeah... cute kids as always, nothing special that day.

Oh, except: I led the group this afternoon and it was an amazing feeling so... I'm ready for this job, definitely!

9.9.10 17:58

Chapter 1, Day 3

Hello to the third day of my new life! lol

Today was an awesome day. It started at 7:25 when my mum woke me up. Then I got up, had breakfast etc. etc. and then took the bus tot he city. 5 minutes later I was sitting in the park and waiting fort he time to pass lol.

At 9:00 I entered the group room. I was at Lisa’s group today. Two boys I still knew from the crèche came to me instantly and wanted to play something with me loll they are so cute. During a game they started to discuss and there is nothing more funny than two 3-year-olds discussing! („Hey, you have move that 3 spaces“ –  „I did“ – „No, you did like that“ (showing 4 fingers) – „Noooo, I did like THAT“ (showing three fingers))

Anyway, near 10:30 we went outside to the garden. I played with a little girl… she is an angel. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile to melt you down, no matter how bad your mood is! When she smiles the sun is shining!

After that we went upstairs again and served them lunch

In the afternoon I was in the crèche again. An well, it’s just the third day so there was a little girl after the nap who was crying soooo badly. I changed her nappies and watched a book with her, she was crying the whole time. But after a while she put her head against my shoulder and started to cuddle with me . She played with my hair and calmed down and when her mum finally came the girl even kissed my cheek. So I suppose she loves me. And I love her, too lol

Well, anyway… we also had the first team meeting this noon and it was really cool.

So all in all: Another great day and I just can say I’m definitely in love with my job! Since 9 years now. So probably that’s really what I was born for!

8.9.10 20:50

Chapter 1, Day 2

Congrats to me, I have survived my first day at work! lol

I must admit - at the beginning I was nervous. But as soon as I was in room, saw the kids and some kids I still knew from the crèche I was fine. And I can't believe how much they have grown.

First I met Alex (I still knew her from the years ago and she recognized me too lol) and I really like her. She's a very nice helper. We talked a little, about the new kids, the start, how it was and so on. Then I asked her for Anna, my "main" colleague in the group. I still know her from school, she graduated one year before me so quite nice to work with her now!

Most of the kids already knew that I would be coming but anyway, I explained to them who I am and what I'll do with them and I guess they really like me. Near 9:45 we went to the garden with the kiddies and well, I found out they even have some kind of "pet" in the garden lol!!! A rabbit called Olli. Amazing.

Well, my lunch break was not really exciting, I was in the kitchen and eating, while Maria (the cook) was cooking and Anke, the helper of my former crèche group, tried desperately to calm a cute little boy who was screaming for his mum. Fortunately she arrived some minutes later! Then I ate lunch with my boss and went back to kindergarten where the children had to take a break which means they were lying on the floor on little mattresses and listening to a CD.

After that I was in Lisa's group for 45 minutes where I also met absolutely cute, awesome and funny kids. I already love them.

In the afternoon I went downstairs to the crèche but - just 5 kids left, like almost all the time in afternoon so it was easy. I changed some nappies before preparing the cuties for garden and well, went outside again for an hour before I went back home again.

All in all: great first day and I can't wait to go there again tomorrow

7.9.10 21:51

Chapter 1, Day 1

A new time has begun and that's why a new blog has begun

Well, what can I say. For all those who don't know me, my old blog is www.myblog.de/little-sammy ...

A new time has begun. Why? Because I have finished 13 years of school and with it my life as child and teenager. Now I'm a grown-up with all the duties, feelings and thoughts a grown-up has.

When I was a child I thought it might feel strange to suddenly think in another way. But it happened so slowly that it turned out to feel normal.

The only thing I miss about being a child is my fantasy which became less and less during the years and for a while I was afraid I'd lose it. But the fact that I made my dream come true - I'm a kindergarten teacher now - helps me to continue dreaming and hoping. And for dreaming you need fantasy.

I have made a lot of experience with wrong and mean "friends" and a lot of problems I have met during my life. And it even feels awkward to write "life" cause with 19 - have you even had a life? Something you can truly call life?

I think I remember too many things. Everything seems like it was just yesterday so maybe I need to wait a little until I can really talk about experiences that influenced my life.

Back to the fact that I am a kindergarten teacher now. I dreamed about it since I was 11, I attended the nursery college for 5 years and honestly; I went through hell. My classmates were the only reason I managed to get up every morning and go there cause most of the time it was a torture. I spent half of my youth in this building, surrounded by teachers who didn't care if we have social contacts or any spare time anymore. Maybe it was a good thing because it showed me what I can stand, how much I can do if I just fight.

But on the other hand it a part of me.

I'm more than I was before I attended this school but wasn't it supposed to be like that anyway? Would I have stayed the little 14 year old girl I was without a clue how mean people can be and how much life can kick your ass? Or would I have grown up to who I am today even without a lot of stress, tears and nightmares in this school?

No matter what, I just know that I graduated and I never have to go back. I have fought for 5 years and now I finally can see the goal. The goal which I could not see when I was sitting in the classroom and studying so much that my brain felt like numb. When I fell asleep with my head lying on a book and when I cried cause I didn't even feel strong enough to write another useless homework.

Tomorrow I will start working. And I already know now that it feels like heaven.

6.9.10 17:19

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